A desire to exceed your expectations

What makes Lithuania a natural choice for Manufacturing? Its eager and skilled workforce, the close ties it builds between business and education, and its commitment to creating the right infrastructure and support for manufacturing growth. What is more, as the bridge between East and West, access to new markets is right on your doorstep.

2nd Most Attractive Place For Manufacturing Globally 08

Among top locations

for manufacturing globally


of Lithuania’s total value added is generated by manufacturing

Low employee attrition rate

<8% employee attrition rate

in international manufacturing companies

Historic competences

in plastic, metal, electronics and machinery production

Quality and costs

Ranked alongside Ireland, Germany, Switzerland for its business environment, Lithuania can also guarantee a fantastic cost to quality ratio.

Average Hourly Labour Costs Doing Business Ranking 19


in science, math, computing, engineering, manufacturing and construction bachelor graduates per young adult population in the EU

84% of young professionals speak English


of young professionals speak English

Corporate profit tax

3rd lowest

corporate tax in CEE region

Low unionisation level

One of the lowest

unionisation levels in the EU (7.1%)

Want to learn more about tax structure in Lithuania?

Powered by people

Industry - university collaboration

Tailor-made education

Situation: Ensure increasing enrolment to Electronics and Aviation Engineering studies.

Key Actions: To facilitate scalable growth for large-scale newcomers in the Automotive and Aviation industry, a marketing campaign provided 9-12 grade student visits to FDI companies; meanwhile the Ministry of Education agreed to increase government financed places for bachelor education in the most needed areas.

Industrial problem fixing

Problem: Crystal residue had formed inside the strictly-closed piping system of a food production facility.

Challenge: The deconstruction of pipes and mechanical cleaning was not possible/too expensive within the food production facility.

Solution: Industry reached out to universities and received options/solutions for reactive gas and ultrasound residue removal.

R&D on business demand

Business Idea: Develop machine products with exceptional qualities for aluminum friction, wear, and aesthethics.

Approach: Chemical coating laboratory was assigned with a task to create new technology for aluminum surface modification for rigidity, resistance to friction and wear.

Result: Multiple technologies for aluminum surface treatment have been developed and applied for world known producers of machinery and optoelectronic products.

Logistics: fast connection infrastructure

  • The location of Lithuania, coupled with its flexible, well-developed logistics networks, allows for fast, efficient and cost-effective delivery to the EU and the CIS markets.
  • The country is 1st in the CEE for quality of roads (World Economic Forum, World Competitiveness Report 2017 – 2018)
  • Klaipėda, one of the 5 largest ports in the Baltic Sea is capable of accommodating ships with a maximum draught of 13.4 m, and handling up to 46 million tons of goods a year.
Truck delivery times map

International logistics companies in Lithuania

Want to learn more about infrastructure in Lithuania?

Free Economic Zones

With 7 Free Economic Zones (FEZ) ready for business at the moment, Lithuania has the infrastructure in place to meet your needs.

Free Economic Zone companies are subject to a facilitated tax regime.

Greenfield Investment track record shows that in some FEZs >80% of new-comers exceed their initial plans within two years.

FEZ in Lithuania

Competitive utility prices

Electricity price

0.074 - 0.156 Eur/kWh

Electricity price

Reliability of gas and electricity supply

Highest rating

in the reliability of electricity supply

Gas price

19.0 - 23.0 Eur/MWh

Gas price

Wastewater treatment price

From 1.1 Eur/m3

Water supply and treatment price

Support measures

European Union support

  • Up to 50% refund for R&D activities
  • Up to 50% refund for employee training
  • Support measures for renewable energy, regional development, and others apply

State Support

  • Taxation Treaties with 50 countries
  • Corporate profit tax incentives for R&D – fully deductible expenses x3
  • Reduced 5% corporate income tax rate can be applied for commercial exploitation of patented inventions.
  • Entities involved in an investment project are able to reduce their taxable profits by up to 50% of the actually incurred acquisition costs of long-term assets, meeting certain requirements

Target industries

Automotive components

For automotive manufacturing, Lithuania has the right balance: a highly educated, unsaturated talent pool, strong logistics, and a high cost to quality ratio.

Industrial machinery

Lithuania has the range of expertise needed for thriving Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturing operations today and tomorrow.

Electric vehicle batteries

Lithuania can offer just the right conditions to meet the growing demand for battery gigafactories that would follow sustainable manufacturing guidelines.

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