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What Is Juneteenth?
CACC on TV - Scan Cable TV News, every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. on Channel 29/77.

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Doing business in the 21st Century
We are honoring phenomenal people who make significant contributions to the City of Seattle. The Central Area Chamber of Commerce (CACC) will contribute 50% of the proceeds from the breakfast to the King County Boys and Girls Club. For more information, contact the CACC Events Committee at (206) 322-8296 or caccevents2108@gmail.com
What is Juneteenth?

Join us for a fun day

(206) 325-2864
All Are Welcome!! Thanks!

Sponsored by:
Central Area Chamber of Commerce
2108 E. Madison Seattle, WA 98122

CACC Meeting at 7 PM

2100 24th Ave. South off Rainier

Guest Speakers
Public Meeting